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You Need to Stop Being Life’s B*tch You probably haven’t heard of Ronald Read. Ron was a simple, old man who worked as a janitor earning a modest living. Every morning, the staff at a local hospital diner would see him come in and sit down at the same stool

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Comparing Yourself to Other Men is Killing Your Confidence One of the most difficult challenges men face is their tendency to compare themselves to other men. Although this instinct can spur on healthy competition and creativity, for a lot of men it has the undesirable effect of killing their self-esteem.

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Debt & the Illusion of Happiness Men have always had a unique relationship with money. For centuries, men have been the providers. Their role was to work hard and support their family, often through difficult times and long hours. Many of those more difficult times are behind us, however, men

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The Irrational Fear of an ‘Average Life.’ We were never meant to live small. Many of us dream of living a remarkable life, the problem is that many of us don’t base our desires on what we truly want, but on what we think will impress others. This tendency has

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The New Rules of Life: How to Live (and Love) with Standards. Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual. If it did, the “terms of conditions” would probably read like this: “I hereby understand that in agreeing to this life, I will be lied to, screwed over, manipulated, have my

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